Our Testimonials


Thank You!

We'd like to thank all of our clients who have took the time to say some great things about You Click. We hope to continue to impress & improve on what we have built so far with your business. 

Jayne Marsden / Life Coaching & NLP Training

I've been onboard for 4.5 years and You Click are by far the most professional Google marketers I've been with. This is the 5th company I've used for Google marketing and I consider it 5th time lucky, because the other companies were a joke! I'd convinced myself that Google was no good for my business because of the history I'd had with these other companies. So thank god for You Click! My business doubled practically overnight. Google does work, you just need to be with the right people. These guys are the best!

JPC Oven Repairs

I've been with You Click nearly 8 and a half years. In fact, I think I was one of their very first clients from what I can remember back in 2011. It was a friend of a friend who put me on to them. I'd tried Google advertising with several other companies beforehand, all with varied results. My account manager assured me that oven repair companies were a specialist subject of his and that he was very enthusiastic to get me up on Google so he could show me what he could do. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was going to get the work in for me and he didn't let me down! Best results I've had online by a mile. I've never had a more effective piece of advertising in my 25 years of trading. Top marks!! - James Castle.

Elite Media Training / IT Training

As a company we have been onboard for 12 months now. I'd like to thank everyone at You Click for making sure we got some business through the door when our business was in it's infancy. We spent an arm and a leg on various advertising avenues and You Click was the standout performer. You can tell very quickly that their approach is one that will appeal to so many small business owners out there. I felt like our company had it's very own marketing department, even though in the grand scheme of things we were a tiny operation. We have now grown as a business tenfold and we couldn't be where we are without the help of everyone at You Click. Very Reliable, Very Honest, Bravo You Click! Miguel Herrera.

PB Asbestos Removals / Asbestos Removal Services

We'd like to thank You Click for being on the ball when it comes to making sure we're on the first page, in the best positions. Straight forward from the get-go, which is what we found refreshing. They told us exactly what we would get for our money and kept things in the real world. This was important as we didn't have a massive budget to start with. We are in our third year with You Click and have no intention of going anywhere else, as we feel that they are fighting our corner week in - week out. Thanks again to all the guys at You Click. Peter Baines.