Online Agreement - Google Campaign

You Click Guarantee: All keywords to be shown on The buyer’s campaign to run every day for one month (unless under review by Google or instructed otherwise by the buyer or account manager). 

Stats Report: A stats report will be sent 24hrs before the end of each month to the buyer's email address. The report will state statistics and prompt the buyer that their calendar month is coming to an end.

Pausing: The buyer can pause the campaign for up to six months per monthly purchase. The campaign will automatically restart once the six months have expired if the buyer does not confirm a restart date within those six months. We will send an email confirming restart, so please make sure your email account is active. The buyer will be unable to pause their campaign if they've already cancelled.

Delayed Launch: If the buyer needs to delay the launch, then they must let their account manager know upon purchase. No refunds will be issued if the buyer decides not to activate their campaign thereafter and instead requires a refund at any stage.

Duration of the Google campaign: The campaign will automatically renew on a monthly basis until we receive a pause or cancellation notice email from the buyer.

Payments: Payment will, therefore, renew automatically via the buyer's chosen method of payment upon initial purchase. If the buyer wishes to pay by a different card or format, they must inform their account manager.


Online Agreement Cancellation Notice: From purchase, the buyer enters our month-to-month online agreement. The buyer can cancel their agreement at any stage. In month's one, two and three, a cancellation will activate with immediate effect. After month-three (month-four onwards), a notice period of one month is required to cancel all marketing. On receipt of the cancellation email, all monies owed will be paid to You Click Ltd if the campaign has moved into month-four or beyond. The buyer will then receive a cancellation confirmation email, along with a final payment invoice. This email will also state what date the campaign will finish on. If the agreement's cancelled, at any stage, the buyer's Google campaign will still run until the end of their calendar month as usual. A cancellation email must come from the buyer’s email address we have on file. Ask your account manager which email address we have on record if you have several for your business. You can then send your cancellation email to:

Our online agreement is a guideline for both ourselves and our clients to adhere. We will not tolerate any threatening or abusive behaviour, and we hold the right to terminate the agreement if we are in any way the recipients of such action.  

Online Agreement - Website Design

From payment, You Click Ltd agree to create, maintain and host the website. We do not allow clients or any third party entry of the site at any stage. All our websites are built on behalf of our clients, and ultimate ownership lies with ourself, You Click Ltd.

Hosting fees will be applied monthly. The price will vary depending on the sector. Your account manager will make aware how much hosting will cost before the initial payment for the website. If you do not pay the hosting fee, your website will come offline.